Fun Game Puzzle game and very challenging puzzle game. Your goal is to find the exit door in each level after you finish all 12 levels. Pick up, move and file blocks (round, movable blocks) to make staircases and create your way to the exit door.


Download Here

Create your file manager on your pda like windows explorer. tou must using this tools


File browser with drag and drop support. It allows you to move and copy files by simply dragging them - just like on your Windows PC. In addition, you can create shortcuts, view/set properties and more. The program can also display the file size, hide folders and display the true icon for each item.

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Verry funny game, you must try it.


They live not far from your house. Just over the fence from the last cottage on your street there's a dump. And they decided to organize their own Olympics to let the world hear of them.

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Minimo is created by mozilla foundation, I refer you using this browser becauce have feature like firefox.


Minimo is development version of web browser for Pocket PC based on Mozilla technology.
This new build supports viewing in tabs and support for extensions.
Just extract the zip file and run minimo.exe

Download Here

PocketPuTTY 0.1 alpha is application for using Terminal emulation, Telnet, SSH1, SSH2, SSH compression on your pda, this great tools can be use PuTTY Telnet, SSH client.


Download Here

Free Cell Is popular solitare game, I found in some freeware site and installed now on my pda.


This game is default game on windows xp, I can play this game on mobile now. great!

Desc : FreeCell is classic Windows card game. Supports WM5, Landscape, Square screen and VGA.

Download here

Yesterday I try to search screenshot software in google and found simple screenshot software using activesync based, that name is called GetPDAScreen.. create Newmad Technologies and it’s free :D No need install on your pda or your PC, just run the exe file and get screenshot from your PDA, but your PDA must connect via Activesync


Desc : GetPDAScreen is a small utility to get screen captures from your PDA when its connected via ActiveSync.

Download Here